Edible Water Beads

I've been bookmarking ideas like mad for years and thought I would share our faves as we use them starting with our adaptation of a recent recipe from @yay_learn_and_play for Edible Water Beads!

What a genius idea!!!! Bodhi used to live on Tapioca pudding as a little guy and we always have a stash in the cupboard so I was delighted to know I didn't have to leave the house for supplies and could make it while Bodhi ate his breakfast yesterday.

The receipe is simple:
1. Cook according to package instructions
2. Rinse under cold water
3. Stir in food colouring
4. Leave for 15 minutes
5. Rinse under cold water again
6. Add to a container, with some extra water if you want and some measuring cups, scoops toys, whatever you have laying around
7. Watch their little immaginations run wild

I will say we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day so we played outside for hours and the boys came back to it as they liked between the mud kitchen, trampoline and playing with Baxter.

Bodhi is 4 and Kobe is 19 months and they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a beautiful oppurtunity to listen to them both describe the temperature, texture, colours and reactions to how the beads felt and moved.

*Tapicoa dries sticky so be mindful of where you play with it and what the kids (and yourself) are wearing...and just in case like me you need an extra reminder...dont let it spill on your priceless vintage persian rug...just saying ! 🤦🏽‍♀️

I sealed it with a lid and am yet to wash the toys but am considering freezing it so it can be reused again later... I'll let you know how that goes...and let me know if you have any advice on how to make it last longer.

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