It's no secret we are all looking for ways to entertain the kiddies, with the new increased restrictions....

We are trying it all at the moment...
* We have beautifully handmade climbing equipment and a mudkitchen made by Dad that gets used at all hours of the day and night
* we have an energetic 5 month old puppy, who seems to be at the tail end of using us as teething toys FINALLY!
* Bodhi learnt to ride a bike without training wheels in about 15 minutes (thanks to being on a balance bike since he could walk)
* we have rotated toys and sold the excess that just weren't getting enough love and attention

And now we are taking it back to an old favourite past time of ours SENSORY PLAY!

I reflect so fondly on the memories of setting up sensory play stations for Bodhi long before it was "TRENDY" and this kid loves it.

This crazy time of COVID has allowed our little Family to slow down, reconnect and PLAY...and so we want to share our weekly SENSORY PLAY ideas with you too...

So I'm starting a blog (link in bio) with our tried and tested games, science experiments, adventures, sensory play ideas and keeping it as low or no tox as possible, in the hope that it inspires others with easy to set up activities.

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