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Extra Large Pikler Triangle

Extra Large

A real Family business:

Clinton does the building 

Kim does the admin

Bodhi does the testing

Baxter does the napping


5 stars,   BodhiNBaxter we LOVE our new Infant shelf!! Amazing quality and wonderful customer service. Such a quick turnaround and personally delivered to our front door. Thank you so much 😊

Emma Whitlock

5 stars, AMAZING! Great quality, super fast delivery and kids love it. We actually couldn't be happier with this Large triangle and ramp!

Laura Flanagan

5 stars, Brilliant. I bought the large Pikler and ramp for my daughter's 1st birthday gift (and also for compensation of isolation no parks).
She loves it. But my almost 3 year old loves it just as much (if not more) so i know we will get many years' use out of it!! We bought the ramp too which is well worth it for extra climbing, sliding and creative play!!
Thank you it is a very special and beautifully made gift!

Melissa Wheatley

This item is beautifully crafted and smooth to the touch. It is sturdy and very high quality. My daughter is enjoying exploring how far she can climb and learning how to get back down. Delivery was made before the expected timeframe which was a lovely surprise. We love playing with it both inside and outside and can't wait to add some more pieces to our collection! Thank you Clint!

Sarah Edwards

I bought the large Pikler and ramp looking to keep my toddler active while in quarantine. It is fantastic. Really sturdy and well made, and I love the finish. My toddler uses it everyday with and without the ramp.
Delivery was fast, it arrived earlier than expected which was perfect!

Kate Farrington

We purchased a large pikler and ramp from Clint. I was a little hesitant buying from someone I didn't know, but I needn't have worried! The quality is amazing, it looks like a great deal of time has been taken on each piece. Really pleased with our purchase. Great communication and fast shipping too. Highly recommend!

Alicia Wilson

Clint has amazing craftsmanship, as every detail of the Pikler Triangle and ramp are perfect. Beautiful wood and of the highest quality. We look forward to adding more pieces to our collection in the future! The turnaround time from order to delivery was less than a week!

Sarah Collins

Such a fantastic frame, the sturdiest I’ve seen that’s still collapsible. Clint was amazing and delivered promptly.

Margot Balch

The Rainbow Pikler and ramp is a beautiful piece, both functionally and visually. Both the baby and toddler use it every day. One of the few toys you’re more than happy to leave right in the middle of the loungeroom!! Beautifully made, highly recommend.

Sarah Townsend

The Why

The beginning

Bodhi & Baxter, came to life around Bodhi’s 1st birthday, when Kim had spent more time then she’s likes to admit in search of the ‘perfect’ present. She was after a locally sourced, non-toxic, handmade, wooden climbing toy, that wouldn’t take up a massive amount of space in our modest home and that could be packed away easily as needed. She soon started obsessing over Pikler Triangles, and the opportunity they provided for children to learn their own boundaries in their own time, through safe exploration of body.

Large Pikler Triangle

The Creative

Ironically, both of Bodhi’s Grandfathers, are engineers and therefore, helped Clinton design and create a Pikler Triangle that exceeded Kim’s original brief. Who would have thought this would become a protype for many new sizes and styles and start Clinton on a creative path of making other wooden toys for Bodhi and Families like Ours.

Rainbow Pikler

**Fun Fact**

All of the wood used in our Mud Kitchens is from reclaimed pallets.

Mud Kitchen

Combine different sized triangles and ramps to create your own playground.

The Pikler Gym

Rainbow Pikler Gym